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STRETCH-n-GO Stretch Kits are finally here!

Finally a kit that is Physical Therapist approved that will help keep your posture healthy and well!

What is included?

Each kit comes with

-a STRETCH-n-GO tshirt (please include your size on the comment section of your order)

-a door anchor

-stretching straps that can be used for dynamic strap exercises or to get that extra reach for your stretch

-stretching pole (5ft length) for some great self thoracic mobilization for extension and rotation

-lastly, we have included 3 official therabands for some postural strengthening to keep your new found better posture in place

As a bonus, we have included a QR code to get the list of recommended exercises to be able to use your new found kit. Happy Stretching!

Order Now! There is never a bad time to work on your posture:-)

STRETCH-n-GO Stretch Kits

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